About Us

Something about living history

Orient Express Hotel located on the historical peninsula in Sirkeci. The neighbourhood has taken her name from the train station which denoted the end of the Orient Express line which carried kings, princes, and statesmen to Istanbul. We believe we will be responsible for upholding honour to the name Orient Express.

Our sister hotel

Orient Express Hotels has sister properties which are operating enterprises providing restaurant and bar services. There are 3 hotels respectively named Orient Express Hotel (Midrange Cozy Hotel) and Erboy Hotel (3 stars). It has 2 restaurants named Paşazade and Imbat Restaurant.

Sirkeci was an important area for accommodation at the beginning of 1900s but has faced degeneration after 1950s. Recently, contrary to the previous periods Sirkeci has once again come into the limelight as the rising star of Istanbul. Sirkeci Group has undertaken an important mission to promote Sirkeci area as an attractive living space in the right manner. When it is projected that Sirkeci will attract the attention of intellectual community of Istanbul in the next 2-3 years, it is very important to get prepared for the future and to introduce Sirkeci in much better means.

Although the hotels with a total bedding capacity of 450 are technically very different from the each other, they have similar organizational structures in respect for service qualities and utmost customer-satisfaction oriented attitudes. Sirkeci Groups Hotel has undertaken certain responsibilities in parallel to the social development and revision movements going on in the Sirkeci area and is continuing to participate actively in projects designed for the Group and for the district. The Group prefers to explain itself as the "a group in love with Sirkeci" and aims at stressing the fact that status quo was only obtained as a result of value oriented struggles and to note the work accomplished in the area.